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Ingredients: Acacia active bacteria

Contains: No binders, fillers or flow agents, no dairy, wheat, salt, sugar, soy, artificial colours or flavours.  GMO and Gluten free

Dosage: MegaSporeBioticVegetarian Capsules:

Remember for best results always take the MegaSporeBiotic capsules with food.

Week 1: take one capsule every other day with food (eg. with main meal of the day)

Week 2: take one capsule each day (with meal)

Week 3: take 2 capsules a day (both at the same time, with a meal/food)

Next 4 Weeks: take 2 a day (both at the same time, with food)

Let the symptoms dictate the dosage If any health reactions occur (such as loose stools) when taking 2 a day, ease back to 1 a day.

Pay attention to how you are feeling (are the symptoms easing, disappearing, getting worse?) and adjust the dosage accordingly.

When the gut is more stable/balanced flora – then can move to a maintenance dose, which is suggested as 2 doses a week.

For example; 2 capsules on a Sat and 2 capsules on a Sunday.  (It appears to be easier for the patient to be compliant with dosage when it’s linked to the weekend dates). 

Side Effects:  No known side effects when taken as recommended


Some clinics are reporting that they can resolve over 80% of their patients’ health issues by correcting the digestion or microbiome of the gut.  That is not surprising when we realize the truth in what the father of medicine Hippocrates said that “Your health is in your gut”. 

MegaSporeBiotics have helped especially with all types of digestive issues and auto-immune diseases.

We are more bacteria than human! — 10 trillion human cells vs. 100 trillion bacteria cells

There are over 1,000 different species of commensal organisms in the GIT out of 35,000 possible

Bacterial genes outnumber human genes more than 150 to 1. (25,000 human genes vs. 3.3 million microbial genes)

In developed parts of the world due to the diet of many processed foods, we tend to suffer more from digestive issues and auto-immune diseases.  Distinct Distal Gut Microbiome Diversity and Composition in Healthy Children from Bangladesh and the United States found that: “The distal gut of Bangladeshi children harboured significantly greater bacterial diversity than that of U.S. children, including novel lineages from several bacterial phyla.”

Human gut microbiota community structures in urban and rural populations in Russia “the original microbial community structures occurred in hosts from urban populations 2.6-fold less frequently than in the rural hosts, which implies that the rural population’s microbiota community was the healthy original”

Some of the last hunter-gatherer people on earth, such as the Hadza tribe of Tanzania who live an ancient, ancestral life with an environment that hasn’t changed for 1000s of years and have a massive exposure to the ancestral microbial community.  They have a vastly different microbiota compared to westernized populations.  In fact, virtually no common digestive diseases such as Crohn’s, UC, Colon Cancer, Reflux, etc. found in these parts of the world that live on life natural foods.


-  There were studies done to evaluate the survivability of common probiotics through the GIT. Only 4 of 35 strains would survive to enter the large intestine and the survivors would have less than 50% survival and most yoghurts saw over 99.99% of “probiotic” bacteria die off in the stomach. The leading supplement brand had nearly a 4-fold overage but over 99.9% died of in the stomach.

-  MegaSporeBiotic showed 100% survival with no loss at all

-  MegaSporebiotics form robust endospore and can withstand harsh temps, desiccation, low pH, gastric barriers, antibiotics, UV radiation, solvents, enzymes and even high pressures.

-  Spores are found all over the environment (soil, vegetation, dust, rocks, aqua-environments, digestive systems of insects, marine life, mammals, etc.

-  Spores, unlike the probiotics, can remain dormant for literally millions of years. In fact they have been found all over the ancient environment: ice-core studies

-  Spores colonize very effectively in the Human GIT and have been found to colonize very effectively in the GIT of several different animals.

-  Spores are found as part of the normal human commensal flora.

-  Extremely safe

-  Spores have the ability to shift the microbiota and favour the growth of good bacteria.