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Colon Depur is more effective when taken along with 1 tablet of chlorella with each Colon Depur tablet for removing heavy metals along with years of buildup fecal matter in the intestinal walls.

Colon Depur is a natural supplement designed for the purification and cleaning of the colon.

Colon Depur comes as a chewable tablet containing food grade bentonite, apple pectin, high viscosity fiber; and ispaghula.

Dosage:  Start off with an intensive cleanse of 6 to 8 tablets and 6 to 8 chlorella tablets, throughout the day on an empty stomach with plenty of water.  After 7 days reduce to 4 tablets per day along with 4 chlorella tablets on an empty stomach daily.

Mode of use: shock phase: take from six to eight tablets throughout the day, with water; Maintenance phase: take two to four tablets a day, with water.

Side-Effects: No reported side effects when used as directed.  Temporary constipation or diarrhea may occur in some people. Reduce the daily quantity if you experience any ongoing side effects.