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Bipros Prostate Protocol


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1 bottle (80 capsules) - $29.00

2 Bottles (160 capsules)- $26.00

3 Bottles (240 capsules) - $23.00


Most men start experiencing prostate problems in the mid-fifties and it does not get any better as the years pass. Pharmaceutical drugs may help but they do not address the real cause and they almost always have negative side effects.
Natural herbal type remedies have worked for some but not everyone and they often take months and months before any improvement is noticed.
Now there is a new approach that offers improvements that you can experience often in as little as 14 days!
This proven prostate protocol will offer you incredible benefits... 
  • Swollen prostate REDUCED!
  • Sex life REVITALIZED!
  • Nighttime trips to the bathroom BANISHED!
  • Worries about the urgent need to go GONE!
  • Confidence REGAINED!
Like countless other former prostate sufferers you can regain your normal healthy prostate. 
The pharmaceutical approach blocks the effects of 5-alpha reductase, to solve the prostate problem. But, by using drugs to block the effects of 5-alpha reductase, the pharmaceutical approach actually can make your prostate problems worse!
Because by blocking the 5-alpha reductase enzyme they are actually giving free rein to another substance called aromatase - an enzyme in your body that, when left alone, causes untold damage in your body by converting testosterone into estradiol - the most powerful form of estrogen! 
What does high levels of estrogen do to a man’s body?  Well estrogen can trigger a whole host of unwanted side effects. You get... 
  • An enlarged prostate
  • Poor urinary control and night-time trips to the bathroom
  • Reduced sex drive, poor sexual performance and weaker erections
  • Flabby muscles and loss of strength
  • Hair loss and reduced ability to regrow lost hair
  • Uncontrolled weight gain
  • Mood swings, and much more!
So in conclusion, as you can see, declining testosterone levels combined with rising estrogen levels, can have a devastating effect on a man's health, life and even your manhood! 
If you ask at a Health Shop what to do they will probably offer you saw palmetto which is the best herb for regaining a healthy prostate as it helps promote healthy levels of testosterone, lowers levels of DHT and 5-alpha reductase while also blocking the effects of the aromatase enzyme, that converts testosterone to estrogen. 
Literally hundreds of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies (the Gold Standard of medical research) have confirmed that saw palmetto can help you.
The bad news is that many of the saw palmetto supplements you find on the market today are packed with fillers and use inferior forms of the ingredients stated on the label.  So you may take this product for months and months without any real improvements.
The BUDWIG CENTER has located a potent saw palmetto supplement that will give you the very best results in the quickest amount of time! BiPros has proven to make a difference because of its purity and potency.  
BI PROS IS TOXIN FREE: made from only organic berries from the saw palmetto plant.
BI PROS IS ORGANICALLY GROWN: Just like many companies cut corners and use questionable manufacturing methods, many others look for cheap sources of saw palmetto, too. As a result, you end up with saw palmetto that's been grown in far-off places like China that have little regulation in place to ensure safe quality and purity. 
  • Sabal berries (Serenoa repens L.)
  • Pygeum africanum bark.
  • Dry extract of cranberry ((Vaccinum macrocarpon L. 3.2% proanthocyanidins)
  •  Zinc gluconate
  • Dry Extract of pumpkin seeds (Cucurbita maxima Duchesne)
  • Vitamin B6.
Take 4 capsules daily for the first 30 days and then reduce to 2 capsules per day with any meal.
Presentation of 80 capsules per bottle.
In addition to the high quality BiPros remedy you will need to do regular bi-weekly sessions of prostate massages. Yes you heard me right, “Prostate massages”. How do you do that you may ask? The best method is to use a specially designed “Prostate Massager” that you can use in the privacy of your home all by yourself when it is convenient.  Start off with a prostate massage every 3 days and once your prostate is restored to normal health a weekly prostate massage would be recommended for maintenance.
There are many different forms and shapes sold on the Internet, however the best one seems to be the one shown here. Also there are many outlandish claims made on how it will enhance your sex life.  The prostate massage during a session is usually without any noticeable pleasure, however if you have intercourse right afterwards, many men find that they do have a more intense sexual experience. You may find it best to do a Prostate massage for about 20 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. However, each person needs to determine this on a personal level  and the main purpose of this information is to treat the prostate.
The massage helps release harmful toxins which is the main cause of the enlarged prostate in the first place.  Like a full body massage the body detoxifies and relaxes. The Prostate massage was a common practice especially in Europe and done by a trained nurse.
Now you can massage the prostate in the privacy of your home. Combining BiPros and weekly prostate massage sessions has helped countless men restore prostate health.